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The 5 Best Details From Wright Thompson’s Jordan Article

February 17, 2013

Wright Thompson’s “Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building” is one of the best profiles of this decade, easily, looking at the Greatest Of All Time, how he got there and how he lives with the reality of that now. Here’s five of the most standout details, but you should take the time to read the entire article: It’s one of our generation’s best writers writing about one of our generation’s icons.

1. Jordan’s private jet is painted to resemble an Air Jordan.

2. Jordan would moo when Jerry Krause, the Bulls’ general manager who had a complicated-at-best relationship with his superstar, climbed onto the team bus.

3. Jordan used to spit on his tray of cinnamon rolls while shooting commercials so his security team wouldn’t eat them.

4. Jordan’s security team’s code name for him is Yahweh, which means God in Hebrew.

5. Jordan has reached the level of Demigod in the iPad game Bejeweled.

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