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Bentley’s bust-up takes a literal turn

August 13, 2009

David Bentley has struggled since moving to Spurs from Blackburn.

Midfielder David Bentley was undoubtedly one of the biggest busts of last season’s transfer market, coming to Tottenham from Blackburn for £15 million and accomplishing little more than scoring a ridiculous goal against Arsenal.

Harry Redknapp has reportedly been trying to sell the man once labeled as the next Beckham all summer, with Aston Villa’s Martin O’Neill reportedly showing sporadic interest. Unfortunately for the player, and possibly Spurs, though, Bentley has made himself pretty much unsellable by drunkenly crashing his Porsche, the latest step in his fall from grace.

This is the second incident in which a Tottenham player was nabbed in an alcohol-related incident since Redknapp came to the club, as Ledley King was arrested after getting into a fight in the spring. After that incident, Redknapp pressed for a no-alcohol policy at Tottenham, an effort that apparently hasn’t yet come to fruition.

Bentley’s now-murky future will probably see him playing here and there behind Aaron Lennon for the rest of this season. Redknapp could give him another look on the left wing, but Bentley looked awful there last year and there are other candidates already at the club (Giovani dos Santos if he sticks around, Danny Rose, Jamie O’Hara, and possibly Luka Modric, to name four.) in addition to the possibility of Redknapp buying someone to move into that slot.

Bentley is the kind of player who the fans are likely to blame when things go wrong because of his personality, but who has a tantalizing degree of talent that could allow him to be a major contributor on a good team someday. (At Blackburn two seasons ago, he was one of the best crossers of the ball in the entire league.)

According to Bentley, his accident was a “wake up call, both professionally and personally.” Hopefully he means that and will begin to put his career back together.

Originally posted at White Hart Lunatic

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