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Tottenham hit bottom, Palacios interest endangered

January 17, 2009

Tottenham's interest in Wilson Palacios could be in danger.

The Harry Redknapp honeymoon is absolutely, unequivocally over at White Hart Lane. Thanks to West Brom’s 3-0 defeat of Middlesbrough today, Spurs are now bottom of the table.

To add insult to injury, Manchester United and Manchester City have both reportedly made a bid for Wigan midfielder Wilson Palacios, a player whom Redknapp covets. It is believed that United may try to outbid Spurs in part as payback for the way that Daniel Levy handled the Dimitar Berbatov negotiations in August. And City, well, they have more money than they know what to do with right now, and they seem to plan to spend a fair amount of it in this January transfer window.

Palacios would be a fantastic addition to Spurs’ midfield, and if ‘Arry wants the deal to be completed to his advantage, he needs to finish it as soon as possible, namely before tomorrow’s fixture against Pompey. Otherwise, he risks the lure of playing for top-of-the-table United or the moneybags that City will undoubtedly throw at him snatching Palacios from under his thumb.

This transfer window has been ridiculously frustrating for Spurs, as they have had all of their interest in players rebuffed outside of that for Jermain Defoe. First it was Stewart Downing, then it was Craig Bellamy (who seems as if he’ll end up coming to Spurs anyways as a result of potentially shady dealings) and then it was Kenwyne Jones. The thing is that there is entirely too much talking being done by and about Spurs’ potential transfers and not enough that are actually being completed.

The team undoubtedly needs help in the form of new players. It remains to be seen whether they’ll receive it.

Originally posted at White Hart Lunatic

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